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Fire and Movement

Fire and Movement is a tactical term used by the army. However, our fire causes no damage, just fascination.
The fire is being controlled and guided, rotated, thrown, spit, spinned and juggled. The fire is inferior and does only what we want. Humans have always been fascinated by the fire, the observer just can't look away...

Perfect for Open Air events, corporate events, weddings, city festivals, events on large stages. Optionally with pyrotechnics, stage fireworks as well as large fireworks. For discotheques and clubs as well, in case there is enough space.

Due to the possibilities to travel cheaply to our neighbouring countries by Ryan Air, Easy Jet and hlx (e.g. from Frankfurt/Hahn to Barcelona (Gerona) and back for not more than 80 Euros or to many other european cities like Milano, London, Ibiza, Nice, Marseilles, Warsaw, Moscow and many others) we are able to offer you a very low and fair price. So it makes no price difference if we drive from Frankfurt to Berlin...or if we fly to Rome, Paris or Oslo. The fees start at only 350 Euros!